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World Views About Tourism in Pakistan:

Pakistan named No 1 travel destination and the top holiday destination by United States-based luxury and lifestyle publication Conde Nast Traveler. The British Backpacker Society had also ranked Pakistan the number one travel destination in the world. The travel company Wild Frontiers named Pakistan as the country to travel to in 2020. According to Gilgit Baltistan News Hunza reported "ZERO" Covid-19 ( Pandemic) cases
Sirbaz Khan became the first Summiteer to summit all the 14 peaks of the world.

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Discover Unexplored Valleys in Astore

Astore valley remained unexplored by Tourists, there many tourist spots in the heavenly valleys of Astore including , Kashroo Niral, RAMA Valley, Deosai, Dumail (Rainbow Lake) , Derley Lake, Allah Wala Lake Urdung Parishing valley, Minimerg, Rupal Valley , Kal valley. The spring of these valleys tempering intuitional feeling and one would like to be lost in the bublime landscape of the nature.

Discover Ghizer Valley

Ghizer is a blessed land with tremendous natural treasures. It is widely known as peace loving, deeply hospitable and natural beauty, beautiful lush green landscape, eye catching fresh water lakes and high peaks of Hindukush and Himalayas There are many tourist attractions including Phander Valley, Karambar Lake, Phander Lake, famous and stunting views of khalti lake, and Khaliti village .